Celebrities Who Aren’t Afraid Of Being Caught Barefaced

These days makeup is so accessible and popular that it seems like even kids know how to use it. Walking down the street it’s hard to tell whether that girl with brows on fleek and perfect shade of lipstick is in her 20s or is she like 15. Is it just me, or do you also feel like teenagers are literally better at makeup these days then we ever were. And I don’t mean better as in their lipstick isn’t smudged all over their face. I mean they seem to completely have skipped the awkward makeup stage and went straight to being makeup pros.
Understandably it can be a bit discouraging for those of us who struggle to put on mascara without poking their eyes out. But ladies, remember, no matter how good someone is with makeup, natural beauty is always in trend. And if you don’t believe me, you better believe these celebrities who aren’t afraid of being caught barefaced. In fact, they’re all about promoting natural beauty and often post makeup-less selfies on their own. Take a look.


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