Horrible Kissing Scenes We Really Wish To Unsee

Whether it’s a drama or a romantic comedy, we all love a good kissing scene. When done properly, such a scene can melt people’s hearts and send shivers down everyone’s spines. Yet when done wrong, it can become the most cringe-worthy moment that will ruin the whole movie. The times of old Hollywood movies with long dramatic kisses are long gone now. We’ve entered the era of daring intimate kisses that more often than not make us turn away from the screen. What is it that they’re doing wrong? Take a look at the most awkward kissing scenes we’ve ever seen.

The upside-down kiss (Spider-Man)
Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst were a truly sweet couple on screen, yet the upside-down smooch fell right into the awkward kissing category. Why did so many people cringe when they watched this seemingly romantic moment? Well, there’s just something really wrong with the way people’s lips look together, when one of the kissers is hanging upside down. It just doesn’t work!

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