Hottest TV Doctors of All Time

The appeal of men in white is undoubtable, but what is it that makes doctors and actors playing them so attractive? This question has been bothering scientists for quite some time now, so they came up with all kinds of research methodology and questionnaires and other crap to find out why. This phenomenon definitely has something to do with doctors being saviors and healers. They are always perceived as people who have vast knowledge in different life-saving fields, oozing confidence and a wicked type of charm. They often have a mean sense of humor that we, for some reason, also find endearing. With so many people falling in love with doctors, it comes as no surprise that this profession has also become famous on TV. Millions of viewers become devoted fans of medical dramas and comedies, following the rises and downfalls of their favorite doctors. Here are the TV doctors that are as witty and smart as they are hot.

Dr. John Carter (Noah Wyle)
ER has brought Noah Wyle thousands of devoted fans. He started with the pilot episode of the show and remained its star for 11 seasons. Doctor Carter has had his fair share of adventures – he developed an addiction, escaped to the Congo once, had more than a few relationships and was even stabbed by a patient. He’s a real action figure!

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