Inspiring Images of Women Standing Up To the System

Some people have a strong sense of justice and it just so happens that sometimes those people are women. History knows many men and women who stood up to the system – against war, racism or fighting for human rights. We are surrounded by heroes who might not even know it before the right time comes. ‘Ordinary’ women can turn into real superheroes trying to prove their point or help a person in need (or even a whole country!). Some photographers are lucky enough to capture these incredible moments on their cams, so we all can enjoy and appreciate the bravery of these women. Here are the captivating images of women standing up to the system.

Activist Josephine Witt was against the economic policies of the European Central Bank, so she burst into a press conference held at the bank, jumped on a table and threw confetti all over Mario Draghi, the ECB President.

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