Most Outstanding Cosplays You’ve Ever Seen… Probably

People have wanted to be someone or something else since the dawn of time. Think of all the ancient masks and ceremonial garbs that were supposed to make us look like gods, monsters, or whatever else. And with the fairly recent (in the grand scheme of things) boom of multimedia, more and more people appreciating good stories and fun characters, it not surprising that cosplay has become so huge. It’s not quite the “Olympics” level of popularity, but it’s getting there. More and more geeks all over the world are tired of being mere spectators, taking the cosplay to a whole different level.


Enough talk, here are the most creative cosplays you’ve ever seen (probably). And remember, this is only the beginning!

1 Spartan, 2 Spartans, 3 Spartans…. Not quite 300, but I’ll allow it!

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